NEW YORK, NY, February 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWire — ILUS International Inc (OTC: ILUS) is a mergers and acquisitions firm focused on acquiring and growing public safety technology-based businesses around the world. With global tension at an all time high due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, ILUS has chosen to provide a general update to its shareholders and interested parties. The company is very strongly positioned due to its current and growing technology portfolio for the emergency response, disaster management and defense sectors, as well as its key locations and government relationships in Europe and in the Middle East. As a result of this and additional new acquisitions that are being negotiated, ILUS is confident that its current rapid growth rate should continue and even accelerate in the coming quarters.

“The current heightened tensions and conflicts present a huge opportunity for ILUS to seize the moment. We are incredibly well positioned to capitalize on increased defense spending with our products and solutions, our manufacturing facilities, our long list of contacts government and our funding. Some contract discussions are monumental for ILUS, which is why we believe it is important to keep our shareholders and stakeholders informed. We know we need to act quickly because we believe we can leverage lots of short to medium term business,” said Nick Link, CEO of ILUS.

The ILUS group of companies primarily manufactures and distributes equipment and vehicles for the emergency response industry. Additional technology acquisitions were also made to complement the company’s innovation strategy. The acquisition of ILUS FireBug has several customers in the defense sector as well as international organizations such as the United Nations and UNICEF. Another acquisition, The Vehicle Converters (TVC), which has previously supplied US Army bases in the Middle East, converts a wide range of vehicles including armored ambulances, military transporters and logistics vehicles. Over the past fifteen years, TVC has gained extensive experience in converting and supplying light military vehicles to the Middle East. Additionally, due to its partnership with Milanion, a manufacturer of unmanned vehicle systems primarily aimed at the military, ILUS is already in talks for several great opportunities. ILUS’ recent acquisitions, KurveXR and Vira Drones, also develop defense solutions at the request of governments and military organizations.

ILUS would like to confirm that its soon to be announced new manufacturing facilities in South Eastern Europe are not adversely affected by the conflict in Ukraine. The country has remained politically neutral and the ILUS does not plan to change this position. The manufacturing facilities are in a country that is not neighboring Ukraine or Russia, but the production capabilities and location of the facilities, combined with escalating tensions across Europe, benefit at ILUS. The phase one and phase two facilities are capable of manufacturing for emergency response, disaster management and defense requirements in the European region and globally. The phase two acquisition of ILUS in South Eastern Europe is that of a major manufacturer of military vehicles and equipment, with ILUS adding additional production lines for its firefighting vehicles, its ambulances and specialized vehicles.

Several European countries have already significantly increased their defense budgets, including Germany, which quickly approved an additional $112 billion in its own defense spending and has already mobilized thousands of its troops in neighboring countries. While many analysts predict that the current conflict and its repercussions could last ten years or more, ILUS is extremely confident that it is on the right track for both immediate and sustainable growth.

Additionally, ILUS’ operational headquarters is located in Dubai, UAE, which is widely known as a politically neutral location as well as an international maritime hub that connects East and West. This central location has already proven beneficial to ILUS when negotiating important deals with government leaders and international organizations, and the company believes it will prove critical for the successful negotiation of important deals in the near future. to come up. With its own manufacturing options in South East Europe, USA, UK and UAE, ILUS has multiple channels through which it can execute large contracts, with the ability to successfully pivot to another site if a channel is affected by a disruption such as war or sanctions.

ILUS Chief Executive John-Paul Backwell said, “We want to reassure our shareholders that the current economic uncertainty surrounding the conflict in Ukraine and its continued potential for rapid escalation actually increases our opportunities for growth. . We previously spoke about our defense division and fortunately our strategy and execution in this business area means we are well prepared to take advantage of increased defense requirements. Although this is not a stated priority for us since we certainly never wish for war or confirm that we can foresee it, we knew that the heightened tensions and increased terrorist threats meant that we had to prepare a defense division as soon as possible . Fortunately, we have made bold decisions that put our company in a position of strength, with increased demand for our technology or solutions that include our technology within them. With several discussions already underway, including exciting defense acquisitions, we look forward to announcing more soon. »

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